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Stiv is a mathematics graduate student who has an unhealthy interest in rock music and semi-obscure internet subcultures. He edits whatever articles he knows something about.

Ongoing Work[edit]

  • Drama mop-up and final merging of furry into furry fandom or vice-versa, and assorted fallout, as seen in the Maus article and various VfD of furry-themed articles that may or may not belong on wikipedia.

Possible Projects[edit]

  • Revise the badger article (and related) into something readable and informative rather than the current vile hodgepodge.
  • Fix the X (U.S. band) article, adding information. Create a Billy Zoom article.
  • Fix the Arthur Brown (musician) page, adding information about his later work and also his apparent ban from performing in the United States; which may or may not have occured. Finding sources for this might be difficult.
  • Condense, clean up, and fact-check the monsterous wealth of Chrono Trigger articles on Wikipedia into something managable.

Created Articles[edit]