List of the Supremes members

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This page is a chronology of the Motown singing group the Supremes. It lists the members of the group during all phases of the group's history, and also includes a timeline.

The Primettes[edit]

1959 – Summer 1960[edit]

Summer 1960 – January 1961[edit]

The Supremes[edit]

January 1961 – Spring 1962[edit]

Spring 1962 – June 1967[edit]

Diana Ross & the Supremes[edit]

June – July 1967[edit]

July 1967 – January 1970[edit]

The Supremes[edit]

January 1970 – April 1972[edit]

April 1972 – October 1973[edit]

October 1973 – February 1976[edit]

February 1976 – June 1977[edit]